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Brandon Arthur

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12 years ago

I think this is a wonderful website!

Here in Zambia, there is little or no Sign Language Interpretation information.
I hope to benefit from this site.

Kayelle Morgan
12 years ago

Anna, As an Interpreter who has been “laid out flat” by trends in our profession in the past few years and is working on re-emerging into the communities your insights and observations strike a chord deep in my heart. I have struggled with my natural need to interact with the Deaf & Hearing consumers and was finding myself “out of step” somewhat with my peers. This article and others recently written by Dennis Cokely fill me with hope as I prepare to come back to the profession with fortitude and writings like this to embrace while practicing in the profession… Read more »

Michael Bove
12 years ago

Thank you, Brandon. Your work is very much appreciated. Thank you for championing the cause of our profession.

12 years ago

Thanks, Brandon for yet another worthwhile endeavor. We do, as interpreters need a forum to discuss our professional issues, regardless of the popularity of those issues or whether or not those issues introduce controversy into our dialogues. What is needed is a cohesive, like-minded industry – this may well be a stepping stone toward that end.

You are very much appreciated.

12 years ago

Hi Brandon~ Thanks so much for requesting me to be its FB friend. Truthfully, I ignored the first one thinking, ‘What’s that…Street Leverage?’ without checking its mutual FB friends. Then the second request showed up…hmmm, I had better check out its mutual friends. Whoa! So wrong of me to have ignored your first request. So sorry, but very thankful for your ‘stubborness’. 🙂

12 years ago

Thank you for this website! I look forward to receiving an e-mail and reading many more postings!!

12 years ago

Hi, yes, looking forward to receiving e-mail regarding interpreting!

Wayne Nicholson
12 years ago

Thanks for this website! Looking forward to many more postings!

Diane Hill
12 years ago

I am looking forward to reading more of your unique perspective of our work, our lives. I have been a professional interpreter for over 30 years and it isn’t just what I do; it is who I am. Your articles are encouraging, enlightening and empathetic. Thank you again.

Thank you again,
Diane Hill, C.I., C.T.

12 years ago

If it concerning sign language interpreting yes you may send it to me.

12 years ago
Reply to  MJ

In field of VRS services provided to Deaf Communities, I am concerned about the rights of highly qualified ASL/CODA interpreters for their reasonable salaries or wages being oppressed by any authority/employer due to their self-centered selfishness for sake of making more money or saving money. I myself sometime struggled to find CODA-ASL interpreter with certified legal interpreting skill thru VRS line when I had to call a lawyer to discuss my case. Most interpreters refused to tell me if they had that skill or not. VERY unfair to me because I value clear TRANSLATION of my communication into English when… Read more »