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12 years ago

Thank you for this important information source!

12 years ago

Thank you so much for your efforts to keep us informed, educated, and positioned to have a voice in all rule making/legislation etc. regarding interpreting services!

12 years ago

its cool. I love this.

David Shanahan
12 years ago

Howdy! I was directed to this site by a group that linked an article and then I read more. Wow…does this get one thinking! Looking forward to spending more time here, reading, thinking and learning. Thanks much!


12 years ago

Greetings from the UK.. fantastic site, what a great resource… thanks

12 years ago

This…is a fantastic site!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Phyllis Adams
12 years ago

Hey Brandon!

Its Phyllis (red hair…) from Ohio. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….THIS SITE!
Keep up the great work.